R.S.Kafaltiya & Associate Government and Public Services is committed to improving public outcomes through a focus on citizens. We offer comprehensive solutions from strategy formulation to implementation of complex transformational initiatives

Around the world, all levels of government and public sector organizations are facing pressures from financial crises to constituent upheaval to rapidly urbanizing populations. How they choose to address these challenges impacts every part of a country’s economy. RSKA’s practice works to deliver meaningful results through a deep understanding of the issues, an intimate appreciation of how the public sector works, and global and local insight into the cultural, social and political environment.

Founder of RSKA, CA Kafaltiya has held consultant role in various Government organisations and his experience help our clients implement transformational strategies, economically, efficiently and effectively.

Whether looking to improve operational efficiency or drive more value from existing infrastructure or manage challenges associated with delivering better services for less, RSKA team bring an innovative but practical approach to problem solving that reflects their keen understanding of the public sector operating environment and relevant private sector insights to achieve sustainable results.

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